12 Materials from One Printer

This model gearbox was printed with 12 different materials by one 3ntr printer. Over 12 materials were printed with the 3ntr industrial 3D printer including

  • Nylon Carbon+
  • Nylon Glass / PaGlass
  • Iglidur (self lubricating plastic)
  • Elasto95, polyurethane 95A
  • Elasto85, polyurethane 85A
  • ABS
  • ASA
  • PETG
  • nPEEK

It highlights the versatility of the 3ntr printer for many different materials, and it shows multi-material combinations like low friction IGUS® iglidur bushings combined with high strength materials like Nylon Carbon and nPOWER PPS.

Thanks to 3ntr, Bologna3d.com, GSM SpA and STM SpA for sharing the story and images with us.