Why 3 Nozzles Make a Better Industrial 3D Printer

At Plural Additive Manufacturing, some people ask “Why does the 3ntr printer have 3 nozzles?” Doug Dingus, director of service, introduces the advantages of a 3 nozzle industrial 3D printer in this 2 minute video.

Here’s five advantages that make 3 nozzles exciting:

1) Color: 3D print two different colors in the same print job

3ntr industrial 3D printers can print two color combinations.

2) Choice: Multiple prints in different materials like TPU and ASA in the same print job.

 3ntr industrial 3D printers can print multiple materials per print job like TPU and ASA.

3) New capabilities: Multi material models in one print like an ASA-TPU hinge.

 3ntr industrial 3D printers can print multiple material models like a living hinge with both TPU and ASA.

4) Large capacity: run multiple spools of the same material for large volume jobs.

5) Redundancy: keep the printer operating with an extra nozzle ready.