Investment casting & 3D Printing

Investment cast golf club by Plural Additive Manufacturing with 3ntr
Printed Part and Smoothed Part
Investment cast knee joint by Plural Additive Manufacturing with 3ntr
Casting & Pattern

Make higher quality low-volume patterns for less than 1/2 of your current cost

Low volume investment casting is being transformed by industrial 3D printing. However, until recently, few technologies featured the smooth surface quality and clean burnout needed by foundries while still being highly cost effective compared to present generation 3D wax printers and materials.

Would your company be more competitive and profitable if it could:

  • create larger parts than your current 3D printer
  • increase production volumes beyond machined wax workflows
  • bid on jobs at lower prices for low piece, custom orders

Thanks to 3ntr industrial 3D printersand a new process, materials and expertisefrom Plural Additive Manufacturing, we can help you lower cost-per-pattern, eliminate shell cracking and improve part precision when compared with incumbent low-volume solutions.

The precise and repeatable 3ntr 3D printer coupled with new low-cost high-performance materials, and easy and cost-effective post-processing requirements produce investment casting patterns at four to ten times less cost than other technologies. At the same time, our customers report more precise models as measured with their standard CMM quality control processes.

Get a jump on your competition—connect with us via the form below, or by calling 877-453-5506 and we’ll work with you to determine just how much you can save on low-volume jobs you are doing today.

Or, request our Plural Casting Process Overview paper to learn more about how we do it.

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