3D Printing Watertight Containers on 3ntr

PETG, ASA, and ASA-TPU containers with watertight threading.

Lately, Plural Additive Manufacturing has been testing models with watertight lids. This ASA container does not leak upside down or when shaken. A 3ntr printer can create precise threads with a smooth surface finish. It is hard to fit fuel tanks, coolant reservoirs, and other parts into engine compartments and other volume restricted spaces.  A 3ntr printer could help with prototypes and low volume manufacturing.

So far, Plural has tried PETG, low warp ASA, and an ASA-TPU combination with an integrated seal. With a wide range of open materials, 3ntr industrial 3D printers can match the right mechanical strength and chemical resistance to projects.

Do you prototype sealed containers? Do you need stronger prototypes of threaded containers with complex shapes? Contact us.