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Introducing JEVO

We recently invited engineering.com 3D printing editor Michael Molitch-Hou to our Portland offices to see our printers in person, and to meet a couple local customers. Our first visit was to Food & Beverage Innovations, the pioneers behind the soon-to-launch JEVO JelloShot machine.

image of JEVO jello shot machine

image courtesy of Food & Beverage Innovations

When we first met the JEVO team, they were in their final test prototyping stages and we worked with them to create 3 different parts internal to the machine. 3D printing the parts allowed for rapid iteration, often in the same day. They’ll be using the final 3D printed parts in their first production machines. Quite a case for the additive manufacturing capabilities of the 3ntr printer.

3D printing Jello shots? Not quite. But still fun to say.

 “Most of the printing technologies out there have resins and inks that are incompatible with food and beverage. All of a sudden, you’re trying to develop a product really quickly and what do you do? Even with [a polymer jetting machine], the inks are not compatible, and there’s no solution right now. They’re working on it because there are a lot of people in the food and beverage space. The technology might be good for modeling a cabinet or a unique handheld communication device, but when it comes to food and beverage, you can’t have food touch it. Otherwise, the resin leeches in and you get poisoned. Some of Plural AM’s materials are food-grade compatible, which was pretty exciting for us.”

-Stan Levitsky, VP of Operations & Product Development, Food & Beverage Innovations

Thanks to Michael for the excellent write-up on this exciting product and company. Read the full article here.

Trying the JEVO jello shots

I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited for this to come to market later this year. Cheers!

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