"3ntr Pushes the Envelope on Filament 3D Printing" – fabbaloo

as featured on fabbaloo

It was an awesome thing yesterday to read a review on Fabbaloo about our 3ntr printers, the array of materials we can print, and the accuracy of the prints themselves.


A few quotes we like:

Their strategy is to increase the quality, broaden the number and type of materials printable and reduce costs all at the same time. And from what I saw, it appears they’re doing so successfully.

I examined sample prints from these machines and found them to be of exceptional quality. The edges are very sharp, surface texture is near perfect.

The tolerances on this machine are quite incredible.


Read the article for yourself, and get in touch if you want to learn more about these awesome printers. We’d love to talk to you!


Thanks, Kerry & Fabbaloo, for the write-up!