Plural Additive Manufacturing

Our Mission

We deliver and implement state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions that combine the power of industrial systems with open materials and custom design to provide the most versatile and cost effective rapid prototyping and functional low volume plastics manufacturing on the market.

Our Vision

We enable advanced, accurate, additive manufacturing that facilitates innovation, improves time-to-market and eliminates waste.

Our Offer

We provide manufacturers, materials developers, research and development labs, software companies and service providers with additive manufacturing solutions that meet their needs. Our solutions include unique industrial 3D printers and build environments, comprehensive service and installation and cost-effective access to third-party materials. We understand how production parts differ from different prototypes and know what this means in terms of design, manufacturing and post processing. Our goals are to: demonstrate a significant cost per part savings before you have to spend a dime bring success to your company with our technology partner to build competitive advantage

Our Story

Co-founders Tom McKasson and Ed Israel are passionate, driven, creative technologists with successful careers in rapid prototyping, manufacturing, product design, and hi-tech products and services at global companies including Siemens, Nike, Tektronix, Daimler, 3D Systems, and Stratasys. From that wealth of experience, we saw a new path emerging with additive manufacturing. We understand first-hand the challenges of cost effective manufacturing solutions and saw a huge gap in the marketplace between desktop printers and the world leading providers of industrial 3D plastics printing.

UA midsole red and blue TPU

Our Values

The technology we deliver parallels our systems driven values which focus on people, solutions and sustainability.

Our people are our most important asset – we provide opportunities for them to flourish

Our customers are our partners – we exist to help them succeed

Our solutions must fit the problem – we don’t believe in one size fits all

Our passion propels us – we seek to continuously innovate

Our integrity sets us apart – we live by the Platinum Rule

Our Contact

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Doug Dingus

Director of Service

Ed Israel

President & Cofounder

Tom McKasson, Josh Rinella, Shaun Mullaly, Matt Fildes and more

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