AMUG 2019 Preview: PEEK, PEKK, Ultem

One of the hot market topics has been high strength, high temperature materials such as PEEK, PEKK, and Ultem. Together, Plural Additive Manufacturing and Arkema will cover the differences, specific strengths and dig into the print environments while noting the trade-offs with materials and printers.

Given the rapid growth of the open materials marketplace and the compelling cost model of open industrial printers, how do you make sure these challenging materials will deliver for your application?

For example, one upgrade for many FFF printers is a higher temperature extruder. While a higher temperature extruder does melt thermoplastics, a lower temperature build chamber than specified for a material may compromise optimum performance. The chart below suggests one framework for extruder & build chamber pairings for best results with materials.

Materials in Chamber and Extruder Temperatures


In the AMUG 2019 presentation, we consider several issues:

  • Different vendors use different measurements and they do not all translate.
  • Successful outcomes require coordination between manufacturers, suppliers, and end users.
  • Comparing print outcomes in different printer environments.
  • Moisture susceptibility of high-performance materials.
  • A framework for comparing high strength, high temperature materials.