AMUG 2020 and Plural

Plural is getting ready for the most educational show of the 2020 season – the Additive Manufacturing User Group Conference also known as AMUG. Held March 22 – 26 in Cicago, we expect a week of detailed presentations from machine makers, materials providers, and masters in the field of additive manufacturing. Year after year we return to learn what is new and reconnect with friends.

This year, our own Ed Israel will speak about FFF Printing: Getting the Results you Expect on Tuesday, March 24, at 1:30 pm. Ed presents tales of true troubleshooting from the print bed such as cleaning a machine, dialing in a new material, and building a success plan with your material and machine partners.

The big news at Plural – we will have the new PEEK industrial 3D printer – the Spectral 30. See the advantages of a high temperature, 4 nozzle printer designed for printing super polymers in the PEI family.

Spectral 30 PEEK Ultem PEKK 3D Printer

As users climb the material pyramid, best practices in material handling become even more important. For that reason, 3ntr created the Storm and Vento to maintain the relative humidity of hygroscopic polymers. Not too wet, but also not too dry. These tools maintain filament in the optimal state for 3D printing, and that reduces stringing, fuzz, and inaccuracy.

Wet nylon on top of dry nylon
Wet material strings (top) while dry material (bottom) has noticeably cleaner edges.