Clean Parts Faster with Omegasonics 1900BTX

Test part with support material. Totally clean after 3 hours with BioSolv and Omegasonic cleaning.

Test part is totally clean after 3 hours (left) with BioSolv and Omegasonic cleaning.  Compare to test part after 1.5 hours (right).

Cleaning 30% faster, Plural Additive Manufacturing teamed up with Omegasonics to offer the 1900BTX that uses both water agitation and ultrasonic cavitation to remove support material. Combined with Plural’s BioSolv for faster part finishing, it complements a 3ntr industrial 3D printer.

Omegasonics’ 1900BTX is a 20-gallon, Plug & Play unit that is a hybrid between traditional bench top cleaners and portable floor models. It has a low-profile design and insulated tank which make the unit compact and quiet enough to function in an office setting. This model features two cleaning technologies, a water agitation cleaning process and ultrasonic cavitation. Each operates independently to facilitate a more thorough, yet gentle, cleaning process.





Omegasonics 1900BTX available from Plural Additive Manufacturing

Omegasonics 1900BTX available from Plural Additive Manufacturing

The 1900BTX features a magnetic drive pump system that allows for agitation, similar to a jacuzzi, whereby the turbulence is controlled so parts are not damaged. Inside the tank, the part flows circularly which helps dissolve the temporary support structure around the part. The flow and heat are both adjustable because different materials require different pressures and temperatures. In addition, the water agitation tank features a directional spray nozzle that lets the user spray parts directly and precisely.

The ultrasonic cleaning process generates cavitation energy inside the bath which creates its own internal pressure that dissolves the support structure for the parts.



To complement the mechanics, Plural developed BioSolv, a biodegradable, non-hazmat cleaning detergent that speeds up the dissolving delicate support material. When BioSolve is used with the dual-action 1900BTX:

• Hand cleaning is eliminated
• Precision 3D object parts are never damaged
• Cleaning detergent is much safer than sodium hydroxide
• Cleaning times improved by over 30% than by cleaning with Sodium hydroxide

“The 1900BTX, especially when used in combination with BioSolv, is a much safer approach to effectively clean soluble support material from 3D molds,” said Frank Pedeflous, President of Omegasonics.