Additive Manufacturing – Covid-19 Impact Over 30 Days

Days after the US announced a national emergency from Covid-19, the impacts on society, business, and additive manufacturing are moving at breath-taking speed. AMUG was postponed last week and Rapid + TCT show this week moved to 2021. As infections and deaths climb across Asia, Europe, and North America, the impact is visible from the stock market to the supermarket.

In a February 25 article, Richard D’Aveni suggested in Forbes that the coronavirus won’t boost 3D printing; at least, not by directly printing parts for delayed links in the supply chain. The caveat to the article was that it depended on the disease being less disruptive than the 1918 flu.

By March 6, Stephanie Hendrixson from Additive Manufacturing Meida noted three possible solutions to coronavirus with additive manufacturing. On March 15, one notable report surfaced regarding an Italian service bureau, Fablab in Milan, supplying a key component for a medical device as an example of #2: Stop Gap Measures and the intellectual property challenges linked to 3D printing.

If you have engineering skills, a 3D printer, or are a member of additive manufacturing community then take note. 3D printing media teams have resource lists for supply chains and stories of help. Lists are changing fast, but here’s a few resources to consider:

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