Formnext 2019 and the Spectral 30 – 3ntr’s PEEK 3D Printer

Spectral 30 PEEK Ultem PEKK 3D Printer
The Spectral 30 by 3ntr is a high temperature, industrial 3D printer designed for super polymers such as PEEK, PEKK, Ultem, and PEI-related filaments.

Formnext 2019 was a whirlwind for 3ntr and its international team that includes myprintoo in Germany, Imprimante 3d France in France, Plural Additive Manufacturing, and more. The big news behind the blue curtain is the Spectral 30, an industrial 3D printer with a high temperature extruder and chamber for super polymers such as PEEK, PEKK, Ultem, and related PEI materials. As we’ve discussed previously, super polymers require extra care – with both material storage in a low humidity environment and precise temperature control in the build chamber and extruder.

To make the Spectral 30, 3ntr tested the printing process with many different shaped parts.

It’s tough to pick favorites, but these three features stand out on the Spectral 30:

  1. High temperature extruder and build chamber work with any PEEK / PEKK / PEI / PAEK / PPSU variants available on the market today and available breakaway or soluble supports for real world geometry.
  2. Any material can be used in the Spectral 30. No licensing fees or restricted material lists. We support freedom of design now, and keep the machine open so you can adopt future materials as needed.
  3. Dry material storage with the integrated Storm and Vento so the hygroscopic materials create strong bonds between layers, less stringing, and a smoother surface finish.
Some of the Plural and 3ntr team photographed at Formnext 2019. Even Ed got dressed up.

The 3ntr team succeeds with the help of partners, and the Spectral 30 is no different. The product is a result of the EU Clean Sky Initiative between 3ntr and Rescoll. Airbus has been the project validation manager.