Formnext Trends Align with 3ntr

Formnext is past, and 3ntr continues to lead trends in industrial 3D printing. Here’s a few highlights. noted 3ntr’s “through and through” multimaterial prints with flexible and rigid materials. We’ve talked about some of the advantages of multimaterial prints before, and it was great to share progress. Joris Peels also interviewed Davide Ardizzoia of 3ntr to learn more about the history of the “beasts of machines” built for 3D printing production.

Production was also on the minds of Additive Manufacturing Media‘s Peter Zelinski and Stephanie Hendrixson. In summarizing 10 impressions from Formnext, they noted that additive manufacturing machines expect production and automation (#9). The debut of the Spectral 30 exemplified that trend with a competitively priced, PEEK printer ready for robot loading/unloading of build plates.

Special mention – be sure to check out the video coverage of Formnext from Peter and Stephanie to get a feel for the broad range of parts displayed this year. The Cool Parts Show has been one of the most informative media projects to arrive this year.

3D Printing Media Network noted the rising number of additive manufacturing firms. This trend made for a third more exhibitors at Formnext than last year. More importantly, it led to more options for high temperature, advanced polymer printers beyond Stratasys-ULTEM with 3ntr leading the way.

The new Spectral 30 was also included in new product announcements with, TCT Magazine,, and more.