Frog tests designs faster with 3ntr 3D printing

Lumen is a device and app that measures your metabolism through the breath
designed by Frog and assisted by 3ntr 3D printing.

Frog is a global design studio founded in Germany in 1969. Recently, Frog worked on the Lumen product, a device that gathers real-time metabolic data from users. With basic shapes sketched, Frog needed to develop real world prototypes for feedback and testing among different concepts. 3D printing with a three-extruder A4 allowed Frog to find the most ergonomic shape without affecting the functionality of the device.

Note Frog’s many different models. These added real world insight to iterate faster.

“For our type of work, we need immediate feedback and to be able to shorten the process by even half a day can make a difference,” said Andrea Besana, Principal Mechanical Engineer at Frog. “From this perspective, the 3ntr 3D printers were particularly effective, given their precision in the printing phase.”

Prototyping with 3ntr 3d printer led to a better design and faster time to market.

Besana added, “At first, we tried to support ourselves with external services, but we needed to reduce prototyping times, so we decided to integrate this technology in-house. We were looking for an accessible and high-performance solution at the same time; 3ntr represented the perfect intersection for our needs.”

3ntr printed models helped Frog go from drawing to user feedback quickly.

Frog chose 3ntr for precise printing in a high performance 3D printer. At the same time, they needed accessibility to learn the craft of 3D printing internally. 3ntr was an ideal fit for precision, performance, and accessibility.