Introducing nPower – High-Temp, Chemical Resistant Affordable Alternative to PEEK & ULTEM

January 27, 2017

Portland, Oregon

Plural Additive Manufacturing, North American distributor of the 3ntr industrial 3D printers, announces the availability of nPower, a new high-temperature, highly solvent-resistant polymer alloy for 3D printing.

Created in partnership with 3ntr and FILOALFA for 3ntr machines, nPower is a PPS filament that delivers the strength and thermal/chemical resistance required by industry today.

The joint research focused on optimizing PPS material for 3D printing and also developing a matching support filament.


Three main features of nPower:

  • Thermal Resistance: Up to 210º C
  • Chemical Resistance: Unaffected by the most widely-used industrial solvents, acids and fuels*
  • Self-Extinguishing: Meets UL94 V0 standards


nPower is an excellent alternative when standard polymers (ABS, PC, PETG, PS, PA) won’t do the job and can often replace high-cost polymers, such as PEEK and ULTEM.

nPower has been specially formulated for 3ntr industrial 3D printers.


Laboratory testing has been completed.


Download the Chemical Resistance Table

Download Preliminary Technical Data Sheet


*Including gasoline, sulphuric acid, hydraulic fluid + more. PPS is the top choice when dealing with leaded/unleaded and diesel fuel.


About Plural Additive Manufacturing:

Recognizing a hole in the 3D printing marketplace between hobby, desktop and industrial 3D printers, Plural searched the world over to find an affordable industrial 3D printer that built parts to exacting standards, in a wide range of engineering thermoplastics. Today Plural is proud to bring 3ntr printers to companies in the USA, Canada and Mexico as the sole North American distributor for 3ntr.

About 3ntr:

A Jdeal-Form trademark. Originally founded in the 1950’s as a textile and special machinery producer, the production is now focused on building professional, industrial-grade 3D printers capable of working with any available filament, up to 3 materials at the same time. 3ntr machines are used in top aerospace, defense, automotive, and other industrial sector companies.


A Ciceri de Mondel trademark, FILOALFA has over 50 years of experience with industrial extrusion of polymers, and is a well-established supplier of 3D printing filaments. The company has been actively involved in preventing health issues for users and workers, and is one of the few filament suppliers making routine certification of pollutant dispersal of their filaments during the 3D printing process.