Material Description

Created in partnership with 3ntr and FILOALFA for 3ntr machines, nPower is a PPS filament that delivers high strength and superb thermal/chemical resistance for high performance applications. nPower is an excellent alternative when standard polymers (ABS, PC, PETG, PS, PA) won’t do the job and can often replace high-cost polymers, such as PEEK and ULTEM. nPower has been specially formulated for 3ntr industrial 3D printers. Laboratory testing has been completed.


  • Engine manifolds
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Solvent, acid, and fuel tanks


  • Thermal Resistance: Up to 210º C
  • Chemical Resistance: Unaffected by the most widely-used industrial solvents, acids and fuels*
  • Self-Extinguishing: Meets UL94 V0 standards
  • Tensile Strength: 1966 psi
  • Elongation: 7.4%


*Including gasoline, sulphuric acid, hydraulic fluid + more. PPS is the top choice when dealing with leaded/unleaded and diesel fuel.

Other Materials