Material Description

Nylon is a strong, versatile, and durable alternative to ABS. When using nylon material, the end product will be lighter and more flexible. It’s easily dyed with standard textile dyes, allowing for endless color combinations.

Taulman has worked to make nylon available in many different strengths, depending upon requirements.


  • Gears – Light to Heavy Load
  • Supports for spacers, flanges and general utility
  • Household replacement parts
  • Fan blades
  • Housings
  • Phone covers
  • Protective covers/enclosures
  • Propeller blades
  • Cosmetic containers


Please see the data sheets below for specifications.

View Data Sheet for Nylon 645

View Data Sheet for Nylon Alloy910

View Data Sheet for Nylon Carbon

View Data Sheet for Nylon Carbon+ *



*For Nylon Carbon+, use water soluble SSU04 support material.