Material Management System v2

A2v4 with MMS cabinet

Keep filament dry and ready to print

Wet nylon on top of dry nylon

Enhanced Material Performance and Life

With a moisture absorbing dessicant cannister and electric heater, the MMS keeps spools of filament dry and ready to print. When filament is dry, it produces the best surface finish and strongest layer adhesion Material also lasts longer in low humidity storage.

Store up to 10 reels of material to preserve material and part quality from degrading over time.

MMS Screen

Monitor Material Quantities in real time

Live readout of remaining material of each of 6 reels on MMS display on included 10" wireless tablet.

Remote readout via web browser of type of material loaded at each position and its estimated remaining length

Cost Effective Manufacturing

Optimize material usage while saving time, reducing failed prints, and improving part quality

24 x 7 printing with remote monitoring and control