Momodesign 3D Prints More Polymers with 3ntr

The Aero helmet by Momodesign earned the Red Dot industrial design award in 2019.

For over 20 years, Momodesign has been a leader in Italian motorcycle fashion and safety. When developing its new Aero helmet, they needed to reduce the design lifecycle from 3 years to a year and a half — no easy feat. The 3ntr industrial 3D printer offered speed to iterate design ideas and an open materials library to compare material choices such as ABS, PC-ABS, polyurethane, and PETG. With fast prototyping in a wide range of materials, Momodesign was able to develop the helmet in half the time and won the Red Dot industrial design award.

Mirko Rigo, Logico Design Commercial Director at Momodesign, with the Aero helmet.

It starts with prototyping…

Mirko Rigo, Logico Design Commercial Director, noted that prototyping with a 3ntr industrial 3D printer “…allowed us to get a working prototype in a very short time and to get the answers we wanted more easily. Furthermore, this particular technology has been helpful in finding the best solution every time we have faced a crossroads for functional and design choices.”

Momodesign prototypes made with the 3ntr industrial 3D printer.

“Having the possibility to use pure polymers has allowed us to compare the various details made with different materials and correctly choose which one to use,” said Rigo. The 3ntr printer offered not only the design freedom of 3D printing but the material freedom and quality to evaluate different surface finishes and mechanical strength between polymers.

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