Multimaterials: ABS gear with a low friction iglidur bearing

If you follow Plural or 3ntr on Instagram, you might have seen the multimaterial 3D printed gear. Let’s take a look at what you can do with a 3ntr printer with three nozzles.

With three nozzles, one model can be printed with two build materials and a support material. 3ntr printed a gear with a bushing in one job. See it in progress below with the support material.

A gear is a great example of a specific application that may not have an easy off-the-shelf option. The gear is built with low cost, resilient ABS shown in blue, and the bushing is low friction iglidur in the middle.  The multimaterial printer bonds the two parts tightly, saves labor compared to printing parts separately, and uses material economically. Collectively, these features can solve the high cost of low volume manufacturing wiht industrial 3d printing.