The Ultimate Long Lasting Nozzle — KRATOS

The 3ntr KRATOS, a sintered tungsten/cobalt carbide nozzle

Using a new production process, 3ntr has created a new nozzle more tenacious than its previous nozzles — the 3ntr KRATOS.

After a relentless quest for excellence, 3ntr produced a sintered tungsten/cobalt carbide nozzle that ensures very high performance over a long period of time.

Hardness and the KRATOS Nozzle

Compared to other commercial nozzles, the hardness of the KRATOS nozzle predicts the life of the nozzle.

With KRATOS, printing tests show no dimensional change due to wear including scenarios using very abrasive materials such as PA-CF12%. Months of use confirmed what metallurgy had foretold: KRATOS nozzles are perfect for any kind of use because of their extreme hardness.

Hardness of the KRATOS nozzle by 3ntr compared to other material nozzles.

In the chart above, except for the ruby (which is slightly harder), no other nozzle comes close: the hardened steel nozzles are three times softer. Brass nozzles are almost twenty times less resistant !

Speed of the KRATOS Nozzle

There is a direct relationship between printing speed and thermal conductivity of the nozzle: as the printing speed increases, the amount of energy that must be transmitted to the polymer to melt it increases. If the extrusion rate is greater than that of the energy that is transmitted to the polymer the printer must slow down to prevent jamming the nozzle.

Themal conductivity of the KRATOS nozzle demonstrates higher speed.

In the graph above, KRATOS demonstrates higher thermal conductivity for faster printing speeds than brass nozzles by 30%. The other nozzles are on average three times slower.

The exceptional thermal conductivity of the 3ntr KRATOS nozzles ensure more homogeneous prints, improved surface finish and aesthetics, and stronger mechanical characteristics.

Nozzles are available in sizes 0.4 / 0.6 / 0.8 mm (2.85 mm)