Tough, Strong Nylon Alloy for Industrial Applications

PA910 from Plural AM

Example Applications

  • End-use replacement parts
  • Components requiring high strength and chemical resistance
  • Parts requiring high tensile elongation
  • Mounts, brackets, gears


  • Higher tensile strength than the strongest
    co-polyesters (8,100 PSI +)
  • High elongation at break (32%)
  • 95°C working range
  • 2 color options: white and black

Mounting bracket, ventilator component, drive gear printed in PA910

Case Study How packaging manufacturer SCT leveraged 3D printers and advanced materials from Plural AM to replace expensive machinery components overnight

Learn how SCT utilized 3D printing solutions from Plural AM, including PA910 and 3ntr A-series printers, to deliver parts needed throughout the company in record time and replace spare parts that once required custom machining, effectively cutting both cost and lead times, and eliminating the need to invest in additional machinery.

"I continue to be amazed at how natural this technology is to implement. We have end-use or prototype tested 3D printed parts in nearly every area of our facility."

- Andrew Magee / Maintenance Engineer, SCT

Replacement part printed with Alloy910 from PluralAM goes from printed to functional overnight

Replacement part printed with PA910 from Plural AM produced and installed overnight
Photo: Southern Champion Tray

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Industrial 3D printers from 3ntr. Models A2V4 and A4V4

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