Pella Windows innovates with 3ntr and Plural

In the March issue of Additive Manufacturing, Peter Zelinski shares an interview with one of Plural’s innovative customers, Kurtis Webb from Pella Windows in Pella, Iowa. Kurtis is a Senior Engineering Team Leader, and helped lead his team to a mindset change. Now they consider the advantages of subtractive machining and additive manufacturing at the same time when creating the ideal solution. As Kurtis says:

“Through printing it, we could do iterations faster and at a much lower cost than trying to build assemblies. There are some early iterations before we introduced 3D printing as a potential solution that were assemblies of flat plastic parts. It was very time consuming and we couldn’t blend things together like we wanted to and really get the end product we wanted.” — Kurtis Webb, Senior Engineering Team Leader  at Pella Windows.

Read more about the 3D-printed tooling mindset at Pella and listen to Kurtis describe how faster iterations and new capabilities
improved their process
with 3ntr industrial 3D printers.