High performance PETG variants for 3D printing you may be overlooking

Manufacturers and suppliers are rethinking PETG - the ubiquitous, often underrated yet cost-effective family of copolyester materials. PETG is a tried and true solution offering a solid set of general properties to serve as the basis for applications requiring chemical and water resistance, electrostatic protection and more, with low warp and translucent appearance, if desired. Let us help you discover how the latest high performance PETG variants may benefit your operation.

Main Features

  • Developed for high strength and limited elongation
  • Well known for its high stiffness, hardness, low warp, and toughness, as well as good impact strength
  • Amorphous thermoplastic copolyester prints clear
  • Easy to print, fully 3ntr printer compatible
  • Variants which include:
    • ESD-PETG: an ESD-safe compound designed for use in applications that require electrostatic discharge protection
    • TECH-G: a modified, odorless PETG offering clear transparent color

Example Applications

  • Parts requiring low warp and good layer adhesion
  • Electronics and consumer products requiring electrostatic protection
  • Low-cost, light weight, yet stable packaging and containers

Part from a U.S. electronics manufacturer, printed by Plural with ESD PETG to meet electrostatic discharge specifications. This part fit — right out of the printer — with no post processing required.

Case Study  Pella® Windows & Doors

See how door and window manufacturer The Pella Corporation relies on PETG and other materials to support manufacturing equipment R&D with minimal part count and labor.


"The support and collaboration with the Plural team has enabled the production of additively manufactured solutions for jigs, fixtures, work holding and prototype parts out of materials ranging from ASA to TECHG to GF30PP. We continue to learn how to further leverage the capabilities of the printers to deliver innovative solutions for our business."

- Kurtis Webb, Senior Engineering Leader, Pella

Custom point source dust collection system printed with PETG
Photo: Pella Windows & Doors

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High performance PETG variants are just a handful of many exciting materials in the Plural library. Start a conversation with us today to learn more about our full array of unique 3D printing solutions for manufacturing, including 3ntr printers.

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