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3ntr’s Industrial 3D Printers Enter the U.S. via Plural AM –

  After the desktop additive manufacturing explosion that occurred with the rise of the open-source 3D printing movement, numerous smaller companies have sought to bring their own take on plastic extrusion, or fused filament fabrication (FFF), to the table and at costs that greatly undercut the FDM king. Not all of these firms have aimed for the industrial quality of Stratasys’ process and materials. Among the few that have is…

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3ntr Review by

The A2v2 by 3ntr is Changing the Price and the Face of Professional 3D Printing   Read the Full Review Key Takeaways The A2v2 takes its time but this results in perfectly smooth walls and accurate details. When you are using it for larger industrial parts and prototypes the results can be even better. …it just feels solid and precise. The A2v2 is a machine that costs just a fraction…

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Plural and 3ntr

Plural Announced as Sole U.S. Distributor for 3ntr

We could not find a better partner to do business with our North American customers. The partnership is set to bring real production systems at cost-effective prices to U.S. customers. Both SMB and large industrial manufacturers will gain a significant competitive boost from the adoption of 3ntr’s and Plural’s offerings. -Davide Ardizzoia, President & CEO, 3ntr Read the full announcement here.

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