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3ntr Parts on a Ducati Motorcycle

At Formnext, 3ntr showed a Ductai racing motorycle with nine ABS parts created on a 3ntr industrial 3D printer. These parts were tough enough to withstand the demands of performance motorcycle racing, and precise enough to fit into the motorcycle design. Take a look at exploded diagram below for more information.

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Formnext 2019 and the Spectral 30 – 3ntr’s PEEK 3D Printer

Formnext 2019 was a whirlwind for 3ntr and its international team that includes myprintoo in Germany, Imprimante 3d France in France, Plural Additive Manufacturing, and more. The big news behind the blue curtain is the Spectral 30, an industrial 3D printer with a high temperature extruder and chamber for super polymers such as PEEK, PEKK, Ultem, and related PEI materials. As we’ve discussed previously, super polymers require extra care –…

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So you are shopping for a PEEK 3d printer at Formnext 2019….

“Can you print PEEK?” “Over 400 C extruder… so you can print Ultem?” We hear it a lot as we travel and talk to members of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing community about 3ntr industrial 3d printers. Super polymers like PEEK, Ultem, and PEKK are so strong, so temperature resistant, and so limitless that they could be the silver bullet. Yes, the 3ntr A2 and A4 extruder can reach…

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Multimaterial Printing

The 3ntr industrial 3D printers feature 3 nozzle extruders. From time to time, clients ask why three nozzles matter? Some ideas like fast material change over or printing models of more than one material come to mind. But the most intriguing design freedom is combining materials in multimaterial prints such as the robot end arm effector pictured above with ASA and TPU. Take a look at the effector again. A…

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The Ultimate Long Lasting Nozzle — KRATOS

Using a new production process, 3ntr has created a new nozzle more tenacious than its previous nozzles — the 3ntr KRATOS. After a relentless quest for excellence, 3ntr produced a sintered tungsten/cobalt carbide nozzle that ensures very high performance over a long period of time. Hardness and the KRATOS Nozzle Compared to other commercial nozzles, the hardness of the KRATOS nozzle predicts the life of the nozzle. With KRATOS, printing…

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