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Plural AM Leverages Low-Cost Industrial Systems for Additive Manufacturing in the U.S. – engineering.com

May 10, 2016

Despite the seemingly countless desktop systems on the market, there proved to be a lack of affordable 3D printers capable of working with the industrial thermoplastics that most manufacturing businesses would require. …”So, we wanted to see what we could do about that. We spent a good part of the past two years researching if…


3ntr’s Industrial 3D Printers Enter the U.S. via Plural AM – engineering.com

March 31, 2016

  After the desktop additive manufacturing explosion that occurred with the rise of the open-source 3D printing movement, numerous smaller companies have sought to bring their own take on plastic extrusion, or fused filament fabrication (FFF), to the table and at costs that greatly undercut the FDM king. Not all of these firms have aimed…

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