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Formnext Trends Align with 3ntr

December 12, 2019

Formnext is past, and 3ntr continues to lead trends in industrial 3D printing. Here’s a few highlights. 3Dprint.com noted 3ntr’s “through and through” multimaterial prints with flexible and rigid materials. We’ve talked about some of the advantages of multimaterial prints before, and it was great to share progress. Joris Peels also interviewed Davide Ardizzoia of…


3ntr Parts on a Ducati Motorcycle

December 5, 2019

At Formnext, 3ntr showed a Ductai racing motorycle with nine ABS parts created on a 3ntr industrial 3D printer. These parts were tough enough to withstand the demands of performance motorcycle racing, and precise enough to fit into the motorcycle design. Take a look at exploded diagram below for more information.

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