Plural AM Leverages Low-Cost Industrial Systems for Additive Manufacturing in the U.S. –

Despite the seemingly countless desktop systems on the market, there proved to be a lack of affordable 3D printers capable of working with the industrial thermoplastics that most manufacturing businesses would require.

…”So, we wanted to see what we could do about that. We spent a good part of the past two years researching if a.) we were going to design and build our own printer or b.) we could find one somewhere in the world that met all of our requirements. As you probably know, to design and build a printer that would truly be an industrial quality, 24/7 kind of machine is an undertaking. It requires about two years and about $3 million worth of product development.”

…Years earlier, on the other side of the globe, a 50-year-old manufacturing company was having the same issue. They needed spare parts for their very old equipment and looked for a 3D printing system that could cost justifiably create the parts. They could not find one. To meet their needs,CEO Davide Ardizzoia realized that they’d need to develop their own printer.

…All of these materials are produced at a price point that PluralAM suggests undercuts existing industry equivalents significantly, which Plural AM believes will allow this technology to evolve from a purely prototyping process to something capable of additive manufacturing for any business looking to quickly and affordably produce parts on demand.

Michael Molitch-Hou,

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