PMT – Doubling Productivity with 3D Printing

PMT created a spring clamp for masking.

PMT bought its first printer over two years ago. In the first year, productivity gains paid for the printer in 7 months and became a key part of their strategy to reduce labor-intensive masking. During a recent visit, PMT shared this spring clamp with us. The clamp replaces a pile of nuts, bolts, and manually assembled pieces.

Parts (left) were manually assembled to mask a client’s product before PVD masking. The new spring clamp (right) masks the part, and is much easier to apply and remove.

At four points, the plastic product needed masking. The breakthrough was envisioning the ideal solution: attachment at critical points that came on and off easily. PMT modeled the shape, and then used springs to create a clamping mask. The new part takes seconds to apply. The old bolts and nuts took minutes. They estimate they saved four minutes per part for jobs that typically feature hundreds of parts.