ABS is one of the most widely used engineering thermoplastics due to its impact resistance, toughness,  and low cost.


  • Wide range of components and parts (brackets, cell phone stands, etc.)
  • Electronic and mechanical enclosures, covers and cases
  • Virtually all plastic children’s toys (Legos to pull toys and beyond!)
  • Automotive parts and components, natural finishes and painted, plated and coated
  • The most widely used engineering thermoplastic


  • Tensile Strength: ~3,670PSI*
  • Elongation: ~5.52%*
  • Colors*: Natural, White, Dark (Gunmetal) Gray, Light Gray, Black. (Additional and custom colors available on special order, please inquire.)
  • Tg: ~ 75-105°C**

*Standard Plural colors
**Varies with specific blends.

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