A-dec Saves $36,000 with Plural

Plural helped A-Dec achieve 0.00 inch height tolerance at 6 touchpoints.

Plural helped A-dec achieve 0.003 inch height tolerance at 6 touchpoints.

A-dec saved $36,000 dollars with Plural Additive Manufacturing by bringing part production in-house through an industrial 3D printer from 3ntr.  At the same time, the part used only 20% of machine time, and was available for new projects.

When asked about their experience, three Plural characteristics  stood out: relational, capable, and quality.  Plural service and its 3ntr industrial 3D printers set it apart from other solutions.  A-dec’s requirements for a 3D printer included a bigger print bed to run over the weekend, flexibility to use open materials, and high quality printing.

After working with Plural to validate sample parts, the 3ntr A2 delivered +/- 0.003 inch (0.076 mm) tolerances at six critical points.  No other printer could match that performance at the price.

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