RAPID Rundown – Thoughts from Our First Show

Thoughts from Our First RAPID Show


It’s been a week since the Plural team left Pittsburgh, and we’re still coming down off the high that was RAPID 2017. What an event!

3ntr CEO & Chief Engineer, Davide Ardizzoia, joined us from Italy, and we plied our visitors with Jello shots from the JEVO machine. Between the JEVO machine and our huge 3D printed headlight housing, it’s hard to say which one was the star of the show.



We had countless conversations with companies from all across the globe, and our vision for the industry and reason for being was confirmed, many times over.


Here’s what we heard:

  • Open materials are critical
  • Education is needed
  • Cost per part has been too high
  • Delivery of consistent, industrial-quality parts is necessary, and hard to find
  • Customer input needs to be valued
  • Engineers love jello shots!

While rapid prototyping will likely continue to be the entry point to 3D printing, the appetite for incorporating industrial 3D printing into traditional manufacturing processes is increasing. In other words, Additive Manufacturing is real, and it’s here to stay.

If you came to visit us, thank you! We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.