So you are shopping for a PEEK 3d printer at Formnext 2019….

Materials in Chamber and Extruder Temperatures
Extruder temperature vs. Build chamber temperature for polymers

“Can you print PEEK?”

“Over 400 C extruder… so you can print Ultem?”

We hear it a lot as we travel and talk to members of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing community about 3ntr industrial 3d printers. Super polymers like PEEK, Ultem, and PEKK are so strong, so temperature resistant, and so limitless that they could be the silver bullet.

Yes, the 3ntr A2 and A4 extruder can reach over 400 C. The extruder can reach the glass transition temperatures for polymers in the PEI family.

But – printing accurate super polymer parts requires more than a hot extruder. You need a hot build chamber to manage fully cure the part. And that heat needs to be very consistent across the build area. We’ve mentioned it is challenging to print parts with these materials.

While 3ntr A2 and A4 printers can extrude PEEK and Ultem, we would not recommend them for most parts. Some polymers like PEKK are more versatile and work in the A2 and A4.

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