Sof-Tek Brings Additive Manufacturing In-House for Efficient Production –

As a contract manufacturer knowledgeable of trends and technology, Sof-Tek knew that 3D printing had the potential to enable them to quickly turn around prototypes, and to produce end-use plastic parts. They began their search a few years ago and, like so many companies, the high-end industrial printers were outside of their price range, and “hobby” printers, though more affordable, didn’t have all of the functionality required. Quite a quandary!

All things considered, they ended up with a high-end “hobby” printer to test their hypothesis, and ultimately had to “Frankenstein” the machine to get it to come near to their expectations. While this setup was adequate for near-net protoyping, the repeatability and quality was lacking. They began a new search and found 3ntr.

Sof-Tek Realizes Full Potential of Additive Manufacturing

Their recent purchase of the A4 printer showed an immediate ROI; parts were printing properly the first day. Now, Sof-Tek plans to partner with Indigo Manufacturing to open a 3D printing service bureau this year, at costs 30 – 50% less than their competitors.

Now that’s exciting. Stay tuned for more on the story as things unfold!

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