STORM is the perfect match to 3ntr 3D printers, A2 and A4: brings together all the functions necessary for uninterrupted service, accessible remotely in a single package it’s safe.

The STORM unit contains space for up to 3 VENTO units, a high-performance print server with webcam for remote printer control, a uninterruptible power supply to prevent power surges and ensure machine operation even in the event of a power failure.

A2v4 Printer atop Storm Drying Unit

Proper management of polymers


Thanks to the VENTO units, STORM allows you to keep the filaments away dust, humidity and UV rays .

Furthermore, the intelligent control electronics of STORM allows to keep the polymers in the best conditions without the risk of degrading them with excessive heat.

VENTO units use the least amount of electricity possible to keep polymers in the best conditions of use without any risk.

Remote Control


STORM can integrate a print server , connected to the network, to remotely control your 3D printer via your PC or smartphone.

The control does not end there: through the integrated webcam from the print server it is also possible to monitor the progress of the work live.

A big time saver, especially if there are a lot of drives to watch!

Uninterruptable Power Supply


Professional 3D printing cannot tolerate power outages, which is why STORM houses a 3Kw UPS to keep the printer running during power outages and keep all the connections.

The UPS also minimizes damage from noise and power surges which can damage electronic parts.

emission filtering


STORM has a dedicated compartment to house a filtering unit F1: the HEPA / VOC filter avoids the dispersion of micro dust and volatile compounds.

Our 3D printers are closed boxes that minimize environmental dispersion, but installing an F1 system allows you to achieve the best levels of safety.

Continuous Monitoring


The STORM units are equipped with 3 easy-to-interpret LDC panels with intuitive controls: they allow you to monitor the status of the VENTO units and the UPS.