Turn up the heat: the new V4 printers from 3ntr

The new V4 models of the 3ntr industrial 3D printers are now available from Plural Additive Manufacturing. These new versions of the A4 and A2 printers keep the same large and very large print beds, precise mechanisms, and reliability. They simply raise the temperature:

  • Max Extruder Temp: 450 C
  • Max Heated Bed Temp: 160 C
  • Max Heated Chamber Temp: 90 C

V4 printers also feature an increased coolant system and quieter operation.

Combined with the reusable Diamond Tray, the long-lasting tungsten carbide Bliss nozzles, and the Plural MMS low humidity cabinet, Plural Additive Manufacturing provides a complete system for printing dry materials for the fine detail, greatest bonding, and exceptional reliability.

See the new V4 spec sheet here