Vento dryer for 3D printers by 3ntr

Vento is a modular drying unit for individual spools of polymer filament. An easy to use touch screen interface provides real time reports of drying parameters. The Vento can also operate independently or multiple units can be combined in the Storm drying system by 3ntr.

Because it is modular, it easy to start with one Vento unit and add functionality or capacity in the future.

Vento case


lt to handle any polymer other than PLA and PETG, the Vento feature drying profiles to prepare filament spools for printing with the shortest time and the least energy.



The container is compact but can hold up to 5 kg spools for five times longer prints without pausing for spool changes.


For 3ntr materials, the built-in NFC reader automatically sets optimal drying parameters. There is also a manual control to override the NFC profiles or adjust to off-the-shelf materials. 3ntr material profiles are optimized to minimize energy costs.


A 920W heater dries spools quickly. The inner parts are fabricated in stainless steel to last a lifetime.


Graph of the drying process give you immediate feedback. Touch screen and manual control overrides allow access to any process parameter.


Drying profiles are tuned for efficiency, and dry polymer filament rapidly with the most efficient use of energy.